Audio & Visual Library

Process (for solo piano)

This is an acoustic version of music I wrote for "Pangaea" by Livesay Ether. The original version as well as the film can be heard and seen at the link in the description on YouTube.

Small Hills, NY

The first installment in the experimental EP "Empty Corners". I filmed and performed the piece utilizing limited resources due to lockdowns at the time. Piano, my old viola, and whistling were the only instruments I had available to me. I am a believer that artistic restrictions always lend themselves to a more creative result. A big thanks to Molly Sanford for Mixing and Mastering this project.

Urban Vacancy

The second installment in the experimental EP "Empty Corners". In contrast to the small-town aesthetic of "Small Hills, NY", I took my camera and headed off to Cincinnati, OH. I wanted to see if I could capture the same feeling from the first piece in a different landscape. I also utilized the same instrumentation as before, giving the pieces an overall cohesiveness of sound.

Pale Bleak

The third installment in the experimental EP "Empty Corners". This entry features Guitarist Miles Johnston, and it is the first time I've used any sort of synth in one of these pieces. The video features another contrast in scenery compared to the other two. Beaches have a completely different feel in the middle of the winter.

Barren Bazaar

The fourth installment in the experimental EP "Empty Corners". Never let an empty shopping mall go to waste. I had a great time running around this place gathering footage. This is the first piece to feature mostly indoor footage, and it paved the way for some cool lighting and contrast from previous videos.

Fall Hills, NY

The fifth and final installment in the experimental EP "Empty Corners". I wanted to bookend the visual and musical arc of these five pieces with a quasi-sequel to the first video. Fall Hills, NY is shot in similar locations to Small Hills, NY, but at different times of day and, as the title suggests, during a different season.

Caminandes 3 - Llamigos | New Score by Benjamin Pawlak

This is my entry for the Indie Film Score Competition in November 2020. I'm excited to announce that I was one of the finalists!